Audio Technica Turntable Cartridges

Please find our range of Audio Technica Turntable Cartridges below. All pickup cartridges come complete with needle/stylus.

If you are unsure about which Audio Technica cartridge that is the best fit for your turntable, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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About Audio Technica Turntable Cartridges

Hideo Matsushita established Audio-Technica Corporation in Tokyo in 1962.

Audio Technica started as a group of innovative thinkers from companies that were determined to manufacture, design and re-define the sound hardware.

In the beginning the company was known for state-of-the-art phonograph cartridges, today Audio Technica creates many different products, among others high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems etc. for professional and home use.

Audio Technica is a brand that delivers a value of price, with superb engineering in their products.