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Please find our range of Dual Turntable Cartridges below. All pickup cartridges come complete with needle/stylus. If you are unsure about your needs please do not hesitate to contact us.


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About Dual Turntable Cartridges

The roots of the company Dual goes back to 1907 were two brothers began manufacturing gramophone parts and clockwork in the Black Forest town of St Georgen, Germany.

In the beginning the company’s title was Gebrüder Steidinger (Steidinger Brothers) but in 1927 they changed their name to Dual as a reference to the dual-mode power supplies which allowed turntables to be powered either from a wind-up mechanism or AC mains. Shortly after the name change Dual started manufacturing their own turntables.

After World War II, Dual became the biggest manufacturer of turntables in Europe, with more than 3,000 employees working in several factories.

Dual has been split into three smaller companies today but Dual Phono GmbH are still manufacturing on the same traditional product line in the Black Forest town of St. Georgen were it all began.