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Pickering replacement styli

At DaCapo Audio we offer a great selection of replacement styli for Pickering cartridges. Remember, that a worn stylus will not only make your vinyl records sound bad, it may also damage them. So, browse the list below to find a price conscious replacement needle for your favourite pickup cart - buy it to please your ears and protect your records!

If you are unsure about your needs please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pickering replacement styli / needles | DaCapo Audio

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About Pickering replacement styli

Pickering and Co was established in 1945. Mr. Pickering invented the traditional pickering pickup and cartridge as a hobby project before the company was established and while he was working at the Garden City in the research laboratories of Sperry.

He drew all his ideas, made technical analysis of what a fine pickup would have to do and how small it had to be, he also read every technical article he could find about the subject.

When he had manufactured the first pickups by hand, he invited his friends and family were they would play the same record with the old-fashioned pickup and one of his new ones and everyone would be amazed of/at how much difference there was.

Even the very first handmade pickup he made was a big improvement of any existing at that time.

He met a record engineer i 1945 who assured him that he could sell all the pickups Mr. Pickering were able to produce. - This is where Pickering and Co was established.

At first they were only selling products to radio stations but after a couple of years, they started to supply products for the consumer market and at this point Mr. Pickering invented the cartridge.

Unfortunately Mr. Pickering had to leave the company due to unknown reasons in the mid 1950’s.