Jico Stylus

As authorised JICO reseller DaCapo Audio offers an extensive range of JICO replacement needles to customers in Europe (including the UK), Middle East and Africa. All our JICO needles are manufactured in Japan and sold in original sealed JICO box.

We have most needles in stock ourselves - ready for immediate dispatch. This means your new JICO needle can be delivered to you anywhere in Europe in days. We ship from Denmark so there are no customs or import duties to be paid anywhere within the EU. This even includes the UK and Norway because DaCapo Audio is VAT registered in both countries. Shipments to both Norway and the UK pass straight through customs with no import duties to be paid.

We have both the amazing \"Super Analog Stylus\", SAS and neoSAS and a more affordable range of spherical, elliptical, hyper elliptical (HE) and Shibata replacements.

If your cartridge is no longer sounding it’s best we may have just the right cure for you here in the JICO replacement stylus section.

JICO Stylus | Authorised Reseller in Europe | DaCapo Audio Denmark

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