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Elac replacement styli

We offer a wide selection of replacement styli for ELAC cartridges.

Please browse the list below and remember, that a worn stylus will not only make your vinyl records sound bad, it may also damage them. 

If you are unsure about which ELAC replacement styli that fits your turntable, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist you.

Elac replacement styli / needles | DaCapo Audio

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About Elac replacement styli

ELAC is dated back to September 1, 1926, where the company was founded in Kiel, Germany. 

The company started as a team of scientists whose main focus was on the development of sonar technology and the research of sound and signal channels in air and water.

During World War II ELAC worked closely with the military, contributing with their science. 

After the end of the war, their production was converted to civilian duties, ELAC started producing sewing machines and auto parts but eventually found their true vocation which turned out to be audio gear. 

When the company started producing phonographic turntables and cartridges, the consumers immediately felt ELAC’s true passion for music and fascination for sound.

Based on their true passion and fascination, the company quickly earned the reputation as the manufacturer who delivers outstanding European design, uncompromising build quality, and stunning performance to dedicated music lovers on a budget.