Sumiko Cartridges

At Dacapo Audio we are proud to include Sumiko Cartridges in our product line. For over 40 years the Japanese Sumiko company has produced fine handmade cartridges in all price categories. DaCapo Audio offer the full range of Sumiko phono cartridges and are happy to support you in choosing the best one for your turntable.

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About Sumiko Cartridges

Sumiko has been producing turntable phono pick up cartridges since 1972. Over the years, the company built a reputation as a well-established and reputable brand for moving magnet and coil cartridges. Sumiko staff select by ear the finest materials for their cartridges. Sumiko has over the years produced a lot of musical and balanced pickups which have all been value for money.

Their product offering ranges from the entry level Oyster cartridges to the Reference Series and Luxury Line MC cartridges which makes the brand perfect to satisfy any serious audiophile at any price point. Each cartridge will give you value for your money because each design is thoroughly auditioned until perfected. 

Sumiko has always been driven by the idea of making the best analog sound possible and offering the premium sound experience. The quality of the Sumiko pickups is secured by world-class cartridge makers, who have an eye for precision and quality. Sumiko in that way delivers a full range of cartridges where you can find one that is perfect for your taste, needs, turntable and budget.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need an advice on which Sumiko series/cartridges are the best fit for your turntable.