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Jico Turntable Cartridges

We offer a variety of the best Jico products here at Dacapo Audio. If you can not find the right Jico cartridge, please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can assist you.

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About Jico Turntable Cartridges

Jico began its journey in 1873 by crafting sewing needles for kimonos, in the following decades the company acquired new technical expertise and craftsmanship by different tasks. In 1964 Jico fused those skills to manufacture the diamond tipped styli that has become the quality benchmark today. 

The first factory were located in Hamasaka in Tokyo, where the weather conditions are very bad in the winter and therefore Jico were forced to do every step in the process of their products cartridges and stylus.

The roads were blocked due to heavy snowfall which pushed Jico to design, manufacture and even repair their products by themself.

These conditions luckily made Jico self-reliant and turned out well, as they managed once again to learn all the necessary skills to fulfill the proces. 

Today Jico is still a well known brand among audiophiles, they manufacture many different models of cartridges/styli and each one of them are hand-assembled.