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  • Audio Technica VM750SH MM Cartridge image

Audio Technica VM750SH MM Cartridge

Audio Technica Cartridges

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The Audio Technica VM750SH is together with VM760SLC and VM740ML the flagships of Audio Technicas MM cartridges. All three styli have extremely good tracking ability and sound quality. They are priced a little bit different but which one is best is a matter of taste and interaction with the other components of your hifi system.

The Shibata stylus shape has, for good reasons, earned a reputation as a high-end cut that, when set up properly, delivers warm engaging bodily performance combined with the other virtues of a high end stylus like firm bass and detailed high frequency reproduction.

The nude Shibata stylus is mounted on an aluminium cantilever, and attached to a cartridge body with dual magnets, that are positioned to match the left and right channels in the stereo record groove for outstanding channel separation and extended frequency response. 

The versatility of the Audio Technica VM cartridges:

When buying one of Audio Technicas VM 500 and 700 series cartridges you have entered a versatile world with possibilities to upgrade and downgrade. You have options for a specific  mono stylus and/or a 78 RPM record stylus. You could have an elliptical stylus to play your more worn out records in order to preserve your high end Shibata or MicroLine® stylus. 

We recommend around 20 hours break-in.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you need help to pick the right cartridge for your needs and preferences.


Data sheet

Frequency response
20Hz - 27kHz

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