Shipping Status

Posted On: Dec 8, 2020

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Author: DaCapo Audio

Current Status

Our dispatch of orders

In stock items Normal. Shipping every weekday Monday-Friday.
Remote stock items Normal. Occassional 1 day delay due to late arrival of supplies.

Carrier transit times

DHL Express Normal.
Postal parcels Normal.
Tracked Economy / Tracked Letter Normal.

Status updates

Mar 30 2023 11:03 CET

We are closed for Easter. We will be back on Tuesday April 2 and expect to handle all orders placed during Easter on Tuesday. Support emails are also expected to be answered Tuesday.

Dec 21 2023 15:18 CET

Christmas is near and this means a few days of relaxation. December 25 and December 26 there will be no shipping of orders. 

All other days will be as normal including the days before Christmas and between Christmas and New Year.

January 1 2024 we will be closed as well. We look forward to start a wonderful 2024 on January 2.

May 5 2022 07:36 CET

Today is a public holiday in Denmark and some other European countries. Orders are handled on Monday.

Dec 21  2022 14:04 CET

We will be closed Monday Dec 26. All orders placed over the Christmas weekend will be handled Tuesday Dec 27. 

Jun 06  2022 08:32 CET

Today is "Whit Monday" and the postal service in Denmark is closed. This means we cannot ship orders today, but everything will be sent out tomorrow. This is the last of the many public holidays we have during Spring time, so from here on everything will be normal until Christmas.

May 25 2022 17:46 CET

Tomorrow is the day of "Christ's ascension". This is a public holiday in Denmark and many other countries. Postal services and most other public services are closed, so it is not possible for us to ship. All orders placed for in stock items will be shipped on Friday in stead.

May 12 2022 16:11 CET

Tomorrow is "Prayer Day" in Denmark and most things are closed. This means we cannot ship. All orders for in stock items will be shipped on Monday.

If you order out of stock items these will still be ordered from our suppliers as usual, so processing time should not be affected by this bank holiday.  

Apr 12 2022 12:19 CET

It is Easter time and therefore we will not ship orders on the following days.

Thursday April 14 2022

Friday April 15 2022

Monday April 18 2022

Orders placed after 16CET on Wednesday April 13 will be shipped/handled on Tuesday April 19.

The three above mentioned days are public holidays in Denmark and since the postal service is closed we cannot ship on these days.

Dec 14 2021 15:41 CET

Orders are flowing out like clock work and we will continue at full pace for the rest of the year with two exceptions. Please be advised that we will not ship orders on December 24 and December 31. Also between Christmas and New Year it may take a little longer to get remote stock items from our suppliers. In stock items are shipped everyday as usual.  

Dec 2 2021 15:44 CET

We just took delivery of 6000 shipping boxes. As you may know we ship all orders in boxes. This should get us through the rest of the year, so you can have your needles and cartridges in the safest possible way ( And of course always tracked as well)

The shopping season is here, but we are no where near capacity, so all orders go out as planned. This means same day shipping of in stock items and within a couple of days for items we have to get from our suppliers.

Looking at that wall of boxes makes us wonder how well it works for acoustical treatment. Stay tuned, we may test it out :-)

Aug 6 2021 15:53 CET

Today we would like to talk a little bit about our deadlines for same day shipping. Typically around the site we ask you to place your order before 14CET for same day shipping of in stock items. In reality most orders placed before 16CET are shipped the same day. So let's make a short story long here:

14.00CET : Deadline for "not in stock" orders. By placing your order before 14CET we can order and have your items sent from our suppliers same day.

15.00CET : Deadline for Next business day delivery with DHL Express. We have to book the shipment early in order to have the DHL Courier pick ip up.

16.00CET : Deadline for same day shipping of in stock items by Postal letter or parcel.

We ship 5 days a week. Monday to Friday. And by the way - there is still 7 minutes left to order before the weekend...

Jul 2 2021 13:23 CET

Summertime has come in Denmark but DaCapo Audio is with you all the way. We will process orders everyday completely as usual throughout the entire summer. 

We are also happy to report that the postal services around the world seem to be functioning very well. Our customers receive their goods within the time frames we give and while we still add a buffer due to covid-19 in all we are very pleased with how things work. According to the feedback we get for example on Trustpilot our customers share that positive vibe.

May 14 2021 18:44 CET

Upon the bank holiday yesterday we managed today to ship everything before the weekend. Next bank holiday here in Denmark is Whit Monday on May 24 2021. So next week is completely normal and then we will have one extra day off to allow us to listen to records and enjoy other sides of life. Have a great weekend.


May 7 2021 13:01 CET

Thursday (May 13) we have a bank holiday in Denmark ( Ascesion Day ). This means we will not receive supplies or be able to ship anything on this day. Many Danes take the next day off as well but not us. We are back on May 14 to ship everything before the weekend.


April 29 2021 14:34 CET

We have a bank holiday in Denmark tomorrow Friday April 30. This means we cannot ship orders until Monday because Danish Postal and DHL are not working.

Last chance for postal shipping today is 16 CET. Orders placed here after are sent Monday if in stock.

Orders will be processed and supplies ordered from our suppliers anyway, so please place your orders at your convenience. On Monday we will catch up and dispatch everything we have in stock

March 31 2021 08.07 CET

Due to Easter we have some public holidays in the coming days. This means we are not shipping orders on Thursday April 1, Friday April 2 and Monday April 5. All orders placed during Easter will be processed on Tuesday April 6.

Orders placed today before 14 CET are processed today and shipped if in stock.

January 27 2021 14.47 CET

We completed a major update of our entire shipping setup. Changes include:

In some countries you can now select a Postal Parcel sent to a pickup point. See nearby pick up locations during checkout and select the most convenient for you.

In some countries we can also offer a Postal parcel sent to a business address at a slight lower cost than to a home address.

Finally we made adjustments to the pricing. In general the more you buy the cheaper the shipping options will be. To most countries we offer free shipping from a certain order value.

You can always see the delivery rates for your country in the top if you click the flag with the text "Delivered to" next to it.

January 21 2021 10.51 CET

DaCapo Audio is now VAT registered in Norway and will collect 25% Norwegian VAT on orders to Norway. This is great news for our close friends in Norway.

When all ordered items are under 3000 NOK in value, shipments will not have to pay delivery duties and fees on import and it will not be delayed in customs. Any item above 3000 NOK on your order means delivery duties are paid on import and fees will be added.

January 1 2021 14.59 CET

Because of Brexit we only ship  orders with a value over 135 GBP to UK. Orders to all other countries are served as normal.

December 23 2020 14.16 CET

The last shipments to go out before Christmas are being prepared right now and we will take two days off after that to celebrate Christmas. No shipments are going out on December 24 & 25. All orders will be processed on Monday December 28.

December 21 2020 15.04 CET

We are busy but still manage to process orders with no delays on our end. We continue to do so on the 22. and 23. before we take a few days off to celebrate Christmas. All new orders after 14 CET on December 23 will be processed on Monday December 28.

December 17 2020 12.20 CET

Delivery before Christmas is still possible. Choose DHL Express as shipping option on checkout for next business day delivery of in stock items. Items that are not in stock may no longer reach you before Christmas, because we need 2-3 business day to source them from our suppliers. We are still receiving supplies every day so you item may be in stock later today or tomorrow. Otherwise please just ask us.

Please note that we ship orders all together, so the dispatch time of the slowest items determines overall dispatch time.

December 11 2020 16.15 CET

Julie was busy packing orders today. Despite the extra volume from shopping season everything is handled in a timely manner. You can even still have a new stylus or cartridge before Christmas. With DHL Express we can deliver in stock items next day in most of Europe and in two days in North America.

We are busy packing orders for Christmas

December 8 2020 14.32 CET

DHL Express now takes up to two business days to the UK. According to DHL the UK borders are extremely busy these days. Other European countries are still "Next business day". We raise the yellow flag in the current status.

December 8 2020 11.14 CET

We now ship to Israel again. Shalom! Deliveries to Israel are serviced with both Tracked Letter and DHL Express. DHL Express takes 2-3 business days from Denmark to Israel.

December 8 2020 10.32 CET

With only a couple of weeks till Christmas we want to give an in-depth update on the shipping status.

In general orders are processed very smoothly and you can still have a new needle or cartridge for Christmas. And who wouldn’t want that? In fact with our DHL Express option you can have it anywhere in Europe already tomorrow if you order in stock items before 14 CET today.

On our end we are shipping orders with practically no delays. In stock items ship the same day when ordered before 14 CET. Items we need to order from remote stock take 2-3 days before we can ship them out. In rare cases we see a one day delay on getting deliveries in, but that’s about as bad as it gets when you see our yellow availability check mark.

So far so good.

Although we would love to hand over your new precious cart or needle to you personally we have to leave that in the hands of others. We wrap and pack the best we can and hand it over to a DHL courier or postal officer.

It is no secret that the postal services throughout Europe experienced their share of troubles due to Covid-19. Remarkably we actually see pretty decent shipping times now. ( All our shipments are tracked so we know ).

But at its worst it was clear we had to do something, so we started offering DHL Express shipping. That means next day delivery everywhere in Europe. 3 days to North America.

If you glance over our recent Trustpilot reviews you will see that our customers love this option. The best thing is that for most countries in Europe we actually offer this as the default option now - with no extra cost over postal parcel service.

DHL Express is much more expensive to us, but we choose to spend the money so our customers can still have their needles, carts and accessories - even under Covid-19. Check our delivery rates to see what your cost is. In general, the more you buy, the more we can subsidise the shipping cost.

For the countries closest to us ( We are based in Denmark ) we still use postal services for parcels. They arrive fairly quickly at a low cost. You can still choose DHL Express next business day delivery, but it is at an extra cost.

Finally, for the small orders we offer tracked letters. They are inexpensive (3-5 euro) but also the slowest option. By now there is a chance they will not arrive before Christmas, so be careful if you expect to listen by Christmas. In that case you should really go for DHL Express instead.

As mentioned, we track everything and we see that these tracked letters mostly arrive on time and sometimes even remarkably fast. But unfortunately we also see them get stuck somewhere in Europe for weeks. They always leave Denmark in 2 days, but delays can happen on their way to the destination country.

One more thing about tracked letters is that we sometimes need to add a day or two before we ship your items. We need to ship tracked letters in large bulks and we are not able to do that every day. When you choose your desired shipping method we will remind you of this possible delay if a tracked letter is an option.

So now you know the good, the bad, and the ugly about the delivery situation. Everything within our powers is good and for the things outside our powers - now you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Finally we are here to help, so let us know if you have any questions. Have a great (sounding) Christmas!

December 2 2020 15.30 CET

We opened up for orders from Brazil and Mexico. Both countries are serviced with Tracked Letter and DHL Express delivery.