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  • Audio Technica VM610MONO Cartridge image
  • Audio Technica VM610MONO Cartridge image

Audio Technica VM610MONO Cartridge

Audio Technica Cartridges

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In the beginning there was mono sound. Then came stereo sound and everybody went for that and most people forgot about the qualities of mono. Some didn’t and there is a reason.  

If you really want to hear the deeper quality of your late 50th and early 60th mono records, play them with a mono cartridge like the Audio Technica VM610MONO. Remember that some of the best classical recordings are from this period.

With a mono cartridge like the Audio Technica VM610MONO you will in most cases experience a denser and more present bodily sound, especially in the midrange area. Vocals will be lifted to a new level of intensity. But who do we tell? - enthusiasts will already know…

The Audio Technica VM610MONO comes with a 0.6 mil spherical bonded stylus on aluminum cantilever. Audio Technica VM610MONO has an output voltage of 3.0 mV and will work with any moving magnet phono pre-amplifier.

The Audio Technica VM610MONO is equipped with dual magnets for extended frequency response. 

Also included are four cartridge installation screws (5 mm x 2, 10 mm x 2), two washers, two hexagon nuts.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions when choosing the right stylus for your needs and preferences.


Data sheet

Output voltage
3.0mV @ 1kHz5cm/sec
3mV @ 1kHz5cm/sec
Frequency response
Static compliance
35 x 10-6 cm/dyne
Vertical tracking angle
Dynamic compliance
8 x 10-6 cm/dyne @ 100Hz
Stylus profile
Bonded Conical
Bonded spherical
Stylus radius
0.6 mil
Tracking force
1.8g - 2.2g

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