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D42 Stylus for Goldring G1040 / G1042

Goldring replacement styli

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The Goldring D-42 stylus for Goldring 1042 uses a nude, natural-diamond stylus with a Gyger S profile.

This is a revolutionary line-contact type which is shaped to more closely resemble the record cutting head than any previous design. The stylus profile is the main factor governing overall sound quality in a cartridge and the shape of the Gyger S with its 6 µm radius allows it to trace the smallest groove detail with complete fidelity.

Mid-range tonality is incredibly accurate and precise with high frequency sibilance banished. The extended side wall contact of the Gyger-S diamond also yeilds unsurpassed resolution of the fine groove modulations, producing an exceptionally detailed, smooth and musical sound.

Goldring D-42

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