Shure M91G Cartridge

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Original NOS (New Old Stock) Shure M91G cartridge in "Tube box" as pictured. Complete with Original N91G Spherical Stylus.

Shure M91G - good sound has no age!

Technically the Shure M91 cartridge body is identical to the Shure M75 and produces the same warm, smooth and harmonic sound that has made this cartridge an absolute bestseller. 

The sound of this fine Shure M91G vintage cartridge is worth listening to even compared to today’s cartridges and standards. 

Later on you have the possibility to upgrade this cartridge with an elliptical stylus or an even more refined stylus. Hyper elliptical, Shibata or SAS options exist and DaCapo Audio hope you will one day experience how a quality aftermarket styli will improve your vinyl sound beyond what Shure ever intended for this cartridge. 

Please see our stylus upgrade options for the Shure M91G

Available while stock lasts.


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