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Ortofon Test Record

Test Records

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The new Ortofon Test Record is an important tool in setting up your cartridge correctly and testing if it performs well and matches your tonearm well.

Contrary to the old version this test record doesn’t contain any music tracks. Only test tracks. And Yes, both sides of the record are identical. That way you will be able to have a perfect test signal for a longer period of time and the test record is more durable.

The first 4 tracks are used for measuring cross talk between the two channels.

From track 5 to 9 you can measure if the cartridge is aligned correctly, - horizontally and azimuth wise. 

Track 10 to 14 are used to measure the tracking ability of your cartridge up till 100 micrometer. This is perhaps the most used feature on the test record. These tracks can be used fully without attaching an oscilloscope or using an oscilloscope app on your mobile phone - just by listening.

If your cartridge tracks 60 micrometer with the recommended tracking force it should be considered OK, and you will not experience problems with listening to music records. If it tracks 70 micrometer or more your cartridge has very good tracking ability. 

If you experience distortion earlier in one channel than in the other, you should check if your cartridge is aligned correctly and you have applied the correct anti-skating and the correct tracking force.

Track 15 is used for optimizing the capacity loading (picofarad values) on your phono stage and measuring the ringing of your cartridge.

In order to get the full benefit of all test tracks it is recommended to use an oscilloscope.

Please contact our support team if you have any questions.


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