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Dual Rubber mat

Turntable Mats

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Designed to fit CS505, CS505-1, CS506, CS506-1, CS508

The Dual Flat Mat has been specially designed to improve the sound quality of the Dual 505 and the other Dual turntables listed.

It is manufactured from a soft rubber compound carefully chosen to absorb audio frequency resonances in the record and at the same time to efficiently damp the platter. The mat is contoured on the underside to exactly fit Dual platters and the height when fitted ensures that the tracking angle is not altered The normal result of fitting the mat should be a clearer mid- range and a more extended bass. With some systems an improvement in stereo imaging and a smoother top end can also be noticed

To Fit

Remove the old mat and if necessary on some models remove any traces of adhesive. Place the new mat carefully over the spindle and smooth onto the platter. Play a record and enjoy the music.

Diameter 285mm Thickness 3.5mm