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Tonar QS Vinyl Cleaner

Cleaning Fluids

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IMPORTANT: This particular product may not be used on 78 RPM shellac records as the liquid may do irreparable damage - Please see the Pro-ject Wash It 2 product below for a solution that will clean both vinyl and shellac.

This product is available in 1L (1000ml) and 5L (5000ml) bottles primarily for use with record cleaning machines. The record cleaning fluid is made for use in all types of record cleaning machines currently on the market (while still only suitable for vinyl records - NOT 78 RPM/Shellac!). In addition a 500ml spray bottle is also available. The small 500ml variant is particularly well suited for cleaning by hand for example using the Tonar Wetgoat brush and a workmat.

QS-TONAR liquid has an extremely low surface tension. This means the QS-TONAR liquid can penetrate right to the bottom of the grove where other fluids just stay lying on top of the record surface.

QS-TONAR liquid cleaner soaks the dust, dirt, air pollution as well as residue from previously used cleaners, fatty deposits remaining from the original record pressing process, even fungi and molds caused by records having been stored in humid conditions etc.

QS-TONAR liquid detaches all of the mentioned dirt from the walls of the grove after which the brushes in the machine can easily wipe the groove completely clean. The amount of residue remaining in the grove is negligible.

QS-TONAR liquid is a very volatile liquid reducing the drying time of the record to a minimum.

QS-TONAR liquid has another property causing the dirt to remain floating in the liquid rather than settling back at the bottom of the grove.

Available in 1 and 5 liter bottles for all brands of record washing machines as well as in a ½ liter spray bottle for use with the TonarWetgoat brush. Please select the proper variant before adding to the product to the shopping basket. Please note that the larger sizes are heavy. up to 5kg+. Shipping is not possible to all countries. Please see available shipping options by clicking the little flag in the upper left corner of the page.


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