Denon DL-103 Low Output MC Cartridge

Denon Cartridges

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The first and also one of the most sold MC cartridges from Japan. Due to its natural and well balanced dynamic sound this cartridge has owned itself a legendary status amongst vinyl lovers over the years. With a very reasonable price compared to other good MC cartridges.

The Denon DL103 combines the virtues of the MC cartridges in terms of clarity and dynamics with the coherent sound normally attributed to MM cartridges. This makes this cartridge very easy to listen to.

Denon DL103 is, due to its compliance, recommended for medium to heavy tonearms. Ourselves we have had very good results in for example a medium weight arm like the Rega RB300.

This is a low output moving coil cartridge therefore you will need additional gain if you use a  standard MM phono pre-amplifier. We recommend the Audio Technica AT-PEQ30 as a good phono pre-amplifier match for the Denon DL103.

If you have any questions choosing the right cartridge or accessories for your turntable system don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.


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