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Please find our range of Signet Turntable Cartridges below. All pickup cartridges come complete with needle/stylus. Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

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About Signet Turntable Cartridges

Audio-Technica started Signet as their upscale division around 1977-78. 

The new division were based in Stow, Ohio, and sold similar cartridges to the mother company. 

Almost all their products was manufactured in Japan, hand assembled and all the cartridges came with a final quality check saying “certified” signed by mr. Karazawa San.

Signet had the reputation of being Audio Technicas high end audio line with very high quality cartridges, tonearms and replacement styli. 

Signet manufactured affordable audiophile products and consumer accessible speakers from in the late 1980's until the beginning of the 1990's.