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Nagaoka MP-200H Cartridge on Headshell

Nagaoka Cartridges

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The headshell premounted Nagaoka MP-200H has many of the top of the line MP-500 virtues. It offers an organic, fluid presentation with an engaging midrange reproduction of vocals and instruments. And Nagaoka MP-200 H retains the detail, luster, dynamics and presence of music that are so often buried and attenuated by other smooth sounding cartridges. 

Nagaoka MP-200 H manages to provide an amazingly rich and warm mid range for jazz and vocals while still providing the detail and dynamics  across the spectrum and it is not just another "warm sounding" cartridge

Like the bigger siblings Nagaoka MP200H is an advanced technology cartridge built on the moving permalloy principle.

When the stylus is worn out you can replace it with for a reasonable cost.

A Stylus guard is included with the cartridge to protect it during transportation and when not in use. The Stylus guard is also sold separately should you ever find yourself in need of a spare. 

Because the Nagaoka MP-200 is premounted on a headshell, no screwdriver and spare screws and bolts are included by Nagaoka as is the case with the MP-200 version without headshell.

Nagaoka recommends 30 hours of break in period in order for the MP200H to deliver its best.

The DaCapo Audio support team is happy to help you in choosing the right cartridge according to your needs, sound taste and budget.


Data sheet

Output voltage
4mV @ 1kHz5cm/sec
Frequency response
High-strength Boron
Static compliance
20 x 10-6 cm/dyne
Dynamic compliance
7.2 x 10-6 cm/dyne
Moving permalloy
Channel separation
More than 25dB @ 1kHz
More than 25dB @ 1kHz
Tracking force
1.5 - 2.0 g
Channel balance
More than 1.5dB @ 1kHz
More than 1.5dB @ 1kHz
Cartridge mass
6.5 g
Stylus Type
Superfine elliptical diamond 04 X 07 mil
Load capacitance
47k ohms
Head shell weight
9.5 g

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