VC-S Vinyl Clean Machine

Record Cleaning

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VC-S Vinyl Cleaning machine for vinyl & 78rpm shellac records. Complete ready to start package for wet vinyl cleaning.

Project Vinyl Cleaner VC-S is super powerful and cleans a record in 1 max 2 rotations (best is 1 turn forward, 1 turn backward)

With a rotation speed of only 2 seconds per rotation it is about 3 times faster than usual cleaning machines. The result is a much faster cleaning as well as much cleaner and 100% dry records with NO residual humidity.

A new type of clamp seals the record label from cleaning fluid and prevents damaging the label

Newly developed vinyl cleaning concentrate Wash IT & Wash IT 78 offers very good cleaning results and reduces static charge. Eecord wear as well as stylus wear is significantly reduced.

Wash IT is optimized for cleaning standard vinyl records, while Wash IT 78 is a special fluid for 78 RPM shellac records. Only us Wash IT 78 for shellacs as Wash IT is not usable for 78 RPM records.

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