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Bang & Olufsen replacement styli

At DaCapo Audio we offer a great selection of replacement styli for Bang & Olufsen cartridges. Remember, that a worn stylus will not only make your vinyl records sound bad, it may also damage them. Browse the list below to find a price conscious replacement needle for your favourite pickup cart.

If you are unsure about which styli that fits your cartridge, please don't hestitate to ask us.

Bang & Olufsen replacement styli / needles | DaCapo Audio

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About Bang & Olufsen replacement styli

Bang og Olufsen was founded 1925 by the two engineers, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen who both shared the same passion about radio technology.

The two young men started their journey at the attic of the Olufsen’s family home, where they developed their first product the Eliminator. This invention made it possible to connect a radio directly to the mains, instead of being battery-operated which was the norm at that time.

Already in 1927 the small company moved their production to a newbuilded factory, not far away from the town Struer in the middle of Jutland, Denmark. 

The two business partners Peter and Svend invented the 5 tubes radio in 1929, which was the invention that made them a reputable radio manufacturer.

Launches of new products continued and Bang & Olufsen success grew, until a bump on the road occurred in 1945 were the occupation forces destroyed the company’s factories. 

Luckily they managed to rebuild and were able to start up the factories again shortly afterwards.

In the 1990s B&O decided it was time to open physical stores, which were selling directly to users instead of selling through retailers. - That decision turned out to be very wise and is still the primarily way for consumers to buy their audio products from the reputable manufacturer.

B&O is known worldwide for outstanding performance, durability, classic design and long-term reliability.